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Planning your retirement

From saving in a pension to deciding on and managing the most appropriate strategy for withdrawing an income from your retirement savings, Laurence Anthony Associates provides expert advice every step of the way.

Saving the right amount into the right kind of pension plan is vital to achieving the retirement you want, as is investing it in appropriate assets for your life stage and future plans. Even if you are enrolled in a workplace pension it is important to understand what kind of lifestyle this is likely to provide in retirement and whether you need to make additional provision to meet your aspirations.

Expert advice on the pension “freedoms”

Pensions have, since 2015, become hugely flexible in terms of the ways you can use them to provide an income and also how any unused funds can be passed on to loved ones when you die. With flexibility, however, comes complexity and each method of withdrawing money from your pension has its own rules and consequences.

Not only this, but what is appropriate and manageable at age 70 may be very different from what you need at the age of 90. From flexible drawdown and “uncrystallised funds lump sums” (we told you it was complicated!) to old-fashioned annuities, and a combination of all three, Laurence Anthony Associates will guide you through the options in clear, easy to understand language and enable you to make the right decisions at every stage of your retirement.

Additional investments

For many people saving for retirement is not just about pensions. While the generous tax relief on contributions makes pensions the cornerstone of virtually all well-constructed retirement plans, other investments can also play an important role in enabling you to enjoy the lifestyle you want when work ceases to be your main source of income.

These could include individual savings accounts (ISAs), insurance company bonds, unit trusts or a range of other products. Each has its own benefits, restrictions and tax treatment which it is important to be aware of before making any decisions.

Laurence Anthony Associates will help you understand the many options available to you, advise you on the most appropriate investments to hold within them, and give you the confidence that your portfolio has been expertly constructed to deliver your long-term financial goals.