It is a sad fact that whilst most of us are quite happy to insure our car, our house and our travel arrangements to their full value, few of us take quite as much care over our health and loved ones.

In 2011, Swiss Re produced a report into the UK Protection Market and found that between 2009 and 2011, recognition of the consequences of serious illness, or death had almost doubled to 52 per cent, yet basic life cover is held by just 36 per cent of adults.

This is why we discuss areas such as:

  • Do you have dependants you wish to protect, or outstanding mortgages/debts?
  • How would you meet your mortgage and living costs if unable to work due to an accident or sickness?
  • Will the speed of service provided by the National Health Service be sufficient should you require treatment?
  • If you are in employment, how long would your employer pay you in the event of long-term ill health?
  • Do you run your own business and wish to protect your staff or key people or your own income?

We can provide the right advice and analysis of your protection needs. Remember life assurance and health cover need not be expensive.